Hi my handsome and intelligent reader,

Let's get to know each other.

You are pretty, yet modest. Charming and affable!

You love to read good books and enjoy good company.

You see - I know you well!

As for me, I'm the sole of author ReadAloudDad.com and father of twins (a charming girl and a curious boy born in 2007).

You will find practical insight about reading aloud to kids, with specific book recommendations.

My policy?

I review only the best children's books available - I review only books that I buy. 

I try to find the best books for my marvelous twins.

That's it.

Although from time to time I may update a post to include a recommendation to a new edition that we have not purchased, but would happily purchase if were buying the book again.

In the beginning I considered whether to accept books for reviews on my site, then ... after a long think ... I decided against it.

The "I review only what I buy" policy - provides more freedom and I can be truer to my opinion.

Not that accepting books for reviews is wrong in any way, mind you - but it's just not part of the concept of my website.

I started ReadAloudDad.com in September 2010 and I'm having a blast with the site.

Who am I in every day life? I'm a master of different trades: scientist, freelancer and dad.  

The perks of my read aloud "job" include:

spending quality time with my two little pumpkins with whom I also developed a common set of references and experiences through books.

plus I get to enjoy all the children's books that I secretly wished to read and never did. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Read Aloud Dad

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