Take a Secret Peek Into My Bookshelf

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Welcome to my home! 

No more talking today, just take a peek into my Top Left bookshelf. 

I will be posting more pictures over the coming weeks. 

(If you are interested to know more about any book you see, just ask!)


  1. We read HUGO last month and are reading WONDERSTRUCK right now!

  2. Hi Caroline,

    Well - isn't that a fun coincidence! 

    By the way, my next is going to be a surprise for you. 

    [Well, May B. ;-) ]

    Take care!

    Read Aloud Dad

    Re: Caroline Starr Rose 

  3. What's that book in between Hugo and Alice?

  4. Hi Liz,

    It is The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Di Camillo! (http://amzn.to/xKsN3Y)

    I'm attaching a picture below for you. 

    We didn't read it yet... :-)

    Read Aloud Dad

    RE: @dc1627b2296a15dc354a4f1bd53b4d87 

  5. Oh, I love this! How is Wonderstruck?! Did I ask this already? I want to get it. PaperDragons.org was posting on people's libraries. Not sure if they still are but you should share there!

  6. Oh, what fun!  I've long been curious about your bookshelves, which I'm sure are full of gems.  I can't wait to see more of your home library.  By the way, the Blyton books pictured on this shelf are among my kids' very favorite chapter book read-alouds.

  7. Hi Kimberly! 

    So nice to hear that your kids love the Blytons! Mine adore them to bits!

    We have to re-read them soon, I think they will be fascinated all over again!

    BTW, it just clicked in my head last night... why don't I show our book collection! It wasn't premeditated ... just grabbed a camera and snapped away.

    I am a great advocate of book ownership for kids - as it allows them to read and re-read familiar books that they love. 

    Thanks so much for your message!

    Read Aloud Dad

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  8. Hi PragmaticMom,

    No you did not ask it! Alas I have not read it yet! 

    Many of the books I never read before sharing them with my twins - I love to have that special "first read" experience together with them.

    Somehow, I find that my excitement is greater when we are all surprised with the book's plot .. so I save the first reading for our joint read alouds!

    So... Wonderstruck (which looks fabulous at first glance) is still waiting.... 

    Read Aloud Dad

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