How To Raise A Lifelong Reader In Just 3 Minutes A Day

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Do you want to help your kid become an avid reader in just 3 minutes a day?

Think about it. 

It is possible. The small "sacrifice" will be daily. But it works like a charm. 

Admittedly, it could become a bit monotonous. It requires daily commitment, no exceptions. 

Nevertheless, it is attainable. You just need to outstretch your arm. 

Read Aloud Dad has an infallible recipe that will transform your X-Boxworm in a bookworm - in just 3 minutes a day.

Set a goal to read aloud every day, for three minutes - no exceptions.

It does not matter what you read, the important fact is that you are reading for 3 minutes. 

Three minutes per day adds up to 10,950 minutes in ten years. 

The latest scientific research from Finland proves that three minutes is sufficient. And the best part is the fact that it is not important what you read!

Yes, researchers from the University of Helsinki claim that reading aloud 3 minutes every day is equally effective as reading for 60 minutes or more. And it practically does not matter what you read!

If you are waiting in the car in a traffic jam, read aloud for three minutes from the billboards. 

Just three minutes with the back of a cereal box can change your life, if you spend those three minutes reading to your kid. 

Optimize your read aloud routine = simply read anything at hand.

Just 3 minutes per day is enough. 

Oh, and you'd better stop reading here. 

It took you three minutes to read up to here.

Three minutes can make a world of difference.

Reading more than three minutes, can change everything. 

For example, you may find out that Finnish scientists got it wrong.

Or maybe the research does not even exist. 

Who knows? 

If you truly can believe that it doesn't matter how long you read to your child, you do believe in miracles. 

But not in the right kind.

We all want instant solutions in life, but it rarely works out that way. Miracles do not come in three-minute packages. 

There is no three-minute trick. 

There is not even a 60 minutes trick. 

You could spend an hour a day reading aloud, but your child could still end up hating books. 

Depends on what you read and how you do it. 

All you need is courage - believe in your investment. 

Let them see it. 

Let your kids see your belief in reading aloud. 

The more you read aloud with interest, the greater the chance your child will love reading. 

Yet it is not only about time invested and belief, it is also about choosing good books.

Read good books and read them with enjoyment. 

And now relax. 

Yeah, relax. You are supposed to have fun. 

There is a kid inside you too.

Don't glance at the clock, put your watch away. 

It is meant to be fun for YOU - so that the kids can catch on and have fun as well.

Expose your sons and daughters to the read-aloud virus as much as you can ... and you will not need a miracle.

We are all in luck, my friends. 

Love of reading is highly contagious. 


  1. Hi Karen! 

    So glad you enjoyed it :-) 

    A special thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Have a great weekend!

    Read Aloud Dad

    Re: Karen Pokras Toz 

  2. Wow, just 3 minutes a day?! That is totally doable!

  3. Um, did you read through the entire thing?=) "There is no three-minute trick. There is not even a 60 minutes trick.

    You could spend an hour a day reading aloud, but your child could still end up hating books. Depends on what you read and how you do it." -cough-

    1. And if you kept reading... "All you need is courage-BELIEVE in your investment. Let them see it. Let your kids see your belief in reading aloud." :)
      Your "buy-in" encourages thier "buy-in".

  4. I always enjoy your posts and couldn't agree more... reading is such wonderful and fun thing to do with kids wherever you are: reading signs as you're driving, looking for specific words on billboards, reading ingredients of a recipe out loud as you bake/cook. If you're enthusiastic and help make it an reading adventure, kids love to join in. Thats' been my experience as a mom and grandmom.

  5. As a mom, I'm the one who stands as teacher of my kid at home. I do always make sure that I do have time for her so that I could teach her especially in reading. 

  6. Great post and so important. 

  7. you must really give enough time to be with your kids. They do need your attention also. 

  8. The time you spend reading together will help prepare your child for story time at school. He'll be expected to sit still for longer and longer periods so anything you can do at home to help him increase his tolerance for listening will help. 

  9. That is very true, many kids need support in this regard.

    While my daughter is very  patient and can sit leafing through books for a long time on her own, read alouds are the magical elixir that help my boy concentrate and sit for longer periods of time. 

    Read Aloud Dad

    Re: @6b15044b07d307d11a2b48ad834d2521:disqus