The Perfect Bear

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Is there something more noble that we can share with a child than a book about unconditional love?

I don't think so.

But I have an admission to make. The Perfect Bear was an impulsive purchase. One of those rare buys on a whim that turns out - excellent!

Did I know anything about the author or illustrator? Nope.

Came across it in another book? No. It wasn't a tip from a magazine or a blog, I would remember that.

I know there was an awfully strong reason to buy it. I'll try to remember, but first - what is it about?

Ten (10) different Teddy Bears of varying colo...The Perfect Bear is a story of a new toy bear who calls himself the "Do Not Touch Bear" - so proud of his soft fur and magic key (and music box) that he doesn't want to be played with, or loved, by the girl.

Of course, she doesn't realise this and he soon becomes worn and shabby, just like any other toy.

Lonely and miserable, the bear wishes he could have his finery back so that everyone can admire him once more. But then, one day, when the little girl accidently loses him, the bear realises that the only truly perfect thing in his life is her love. A wonderful, heart-warming story about discovering what really matters in life.
Back cover of The Perfect Bear

The Perfect Bear is a smashing read aloud for young kids. The over-sized pictures kept my twins in the game from the very beginning of the story, while the emotional heartache of an unhappy bear resisting the love of a little girl pulled all strings attached to their hearts.

My daughter melts in front of my eyes - like butter on a stove - every time I read it. My son is spellbound and silent.

Now I remember - the few reviews online got me interested.

Then I looked inside at the pictures.

Those incredible, dreamy illustrations inside - check out the Amazon book book preview ("Look inside") - and the great ratio of pictures/images. Just what I was looking for to read to my twins.

I yielded. I ordered.

When it arrived - I celebrated. It was all I expected and better!

"Perfect", "exceptional", "touchingly beautiful", "truly delightful"... and those pictures.

Those pictures... I still can't resist them.

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