Bestselling Children's Picture and Board Books in Q4 2011

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Everyone loves to know what other parents are buying for their kids. We cannot resist that little curiosity bug!

So, I present you with the bestselling children's titles in the previous quarter (October, November and December of 2011) - based on book orders made through affiliate links on

The information will be presented in three separate bestseller posts over the next few weeks.

In today's first (of three) post you will find information on the Top 10 Picture Books and Top 10 Board Books in Q4 2011.

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Happy reading!


1. The Gruffalo
by Julia Donaldson, Alex Scheffler

This book will stand out among hundreds of other picture books. 
It is that good! A masterpiece.

2. Too Big
by Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Auilaire

Some books are pure distilled innocence. This is one of those. 

3. Burt Dow, Deep-Water Man
by Robert McCloskey

It has been a while since we read this masterpiece. 
It's a McCloskey! It's on our pile for tomorrow. 

4. D'Aulaires' Book of Animals
by Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Auilaire

A non-standard book - it folds out into a large continuous page. 
Charming illustrations for youngsters!

One Morning in Maine
by Robert McCloskey

This book has enriched our lives. It is not merely a book, it is piece of Americana!  

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6. Otis
by Loren Long

Long recently followed up this heartfelt story with a grand sequel! Check it out as well, my kids adore it too - it is called Otis and the Tornado  

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7. Something for Christmas
by Palmer Brown

A charming holiday yarn for kids! Another hit from my fave publisher New York Review Books. 

8. An Annoying ABC
by Barbara Bottner

Imagine a preschool classroom with 25 cranky kids and one beleaguered teacher.

9. Corgiville Fair
by Tasha Tudor

A beautifully illustrated, old-fashioned fair - full of details for young readers! 

The Caboose Who Got Loose
by Bill Peet

A perfect read-aloud story in verse - enchanting for the ear, spellbinding for the eye!

TOP 10 BOARD BOOKS in Q4 2011

1. Five Silly Turkeys
by Salina Yoon

A fun counting book full of crazy turkeys!

2. I Am a Bunny 
by Ole Rison, illustrations by Richard Scarry

I am a bunny. My name is Nicholas. I live in a hollow tree.

3. Merry Christmas, Stinky Face 
by Lisa McCourt

A Christmas-themed Stinky Face story. 

4. My Granny's Purse  
by P.H. Hanson

Open Granny's black purse and enter a treasure chest of mementos and magic. 

5. My Little Pink Princess Purse  
by P.H. Hanson

Open Granny's black purse and enter a treasure chest of mementos and magic. 

6. My Mommy's Tote  
by P.H. Hanson

 A delicious interactive gift for mothers and kids. 

7. Open the Barn Door  
by Christopher Santoro 

 Peek inside the barn, in this chunky lift-the-flap board book.

8. Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale  
by Martin Waddel 

A favorite Christmas picture book in a small padded board book 

9. First 100 Words  
by Roger Priddy

My kids still adore Priddy's unmistakable books! Fabulous. 

10.  Big Box of Boynton  
by Sandra Boynton 

A marvelous introduction to the world of Sandra Boynton— with her crazy dancing pigs and sheep, wide-eyed dinosaurs, and the rest of the menagerie. The box includes: Barnyard Dance! Pajama Time! Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!

Next time around we will see the Top 10 list of Chapter Books, Treasuries and Non-Fiction Books. 

Happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these book recommendations. Most are new to me and I'm happy to find out about them!

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    Thanks for your fab lists! 

    Read Aloud Dad

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