Top 10 Chapter Books, Treasuries and Non-Fiction Children's Books in Q3 2011

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This week it is time to find out which chapter books/treasuries and non-fiction children's books were the most popular among Read Aloud Dad readers in Q3 2011.

The two lists were compiled based on book orders made through affiliate links on in the previous quarter (July, August and September 2011).

In today's post you will find information on the Top 10 bestselling books in the following two categories:

3. chapter books and treasuries
4. non-fiction books,

The first list of most popular books in Q3 2011 was published last week with information on  

1. picture books and
2. board books

Over the next few days you will also learn about the bestselling:
5. book sets and
6. other formats.

Happy reading!


Ah yes! This is the real deal for long-haul read aloud sessions. Treasuries and chapter books. Stock up your library with the best of them and enjoy the effects they will have on your kids.

The latest Top 10 list is topped by Scott Gustafson's incredible version of the ten most popular fairy tales. In addition to the classic edition of fairy tales, there are nine more timeless classics for you to enjoy.

1. Classic Fairy Tales 

This book sold like fire over the past 30 days!
Ten classic fairy tales illustrated by the incomparable Scott Gustafson
This book is a treasure. Never seen such a beautifully illustrated collection of fairy tales.

2. The Secret Garden 
 by Frances Hodgson Burnett, illustrated by Inga Moore

Pure beauty.
This book will leave a deep mark on the childhood of your kid.
Inga Moore's illustrations are hauntingly beautiful.

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3. Peter Pan
      by J.M. Barrie, illustrated by Scott Gustafson

Another fabulous children's classic! Don't settle for Disneyfied versions of Peter Pan.
This is a deep and thought-provoking story that is unmissable for grown-ups and children alike. A must-have for your home library. 

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4. Winnie-the-Pooh, Complete Tales and Poems
by A.A. Milne, illustrated by E.H.Shepard

I knew it was good. What I forgot was how wonderful this treasury is. Milne's language is as rich as honey, the color illustrations by Shepard are magical. In one word: unmissable.  

5. James Herriot's Treasury for Children
by James Herriot

An incredible collection of heart-warming stories. It is difficult to explain how touching and beautiful this collection is. Penned by James Herriot (alias), a country vet, who records his most touching and memorable experiences from his carreer.  

6. The Adventures of Pinocchio
      by Carlo Collodi, illustrated by Roberto Innocenti
After searching high and low for the best illustrated edition of Carlo Coolodi's Pinocchio, I found it. Make sure that your kids enjoy the story about the little wooden boy in its full splendor. Simply unmissable! 

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7. The Little Bookroom 
 by Eleanor Farjeon, illustrated by Edward Ardizzone

An enchanting selection of stories for children, resurrected in a grand new hardcover edition by the New York Review of Books.

8. Hatchet
 by Gary Paulsen

Thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson is on his way to visit his father when the single-engine plane in which he is flying crashes. Suddenly, Brian finds himself alone in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but a tattered Windbreaker and the hatchet his mother gave him as a present.

9. Jenny and the Cat Club
 by Esther Averill (author, illustrator)

Is there a more lovely cat in the whole children's literature? Jenny Linsky is indeed one of the most adorable creatures that you can introduce to your kids.
And you are in luck, as author Esther Averill penned half a dozen charming books around this timeless character, with a red scarf knitted by her master Captain Tinker, and the other cats of the Greenwich Village cat club.

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10. The Maze of Bones (39 Clues, No. 1)
 by Rick Riordan

The first in an exciting ten-book series by Scholastic is penned by famed author Rick Riordan. Get ready for a globe-trotting mystery in which penniless orphans Amy and Dan Cahill have to find all 39 clues to crack the mystery.



Now, this is a list that parents and care-givers should be keeping a close eye on. There can be never too much good information on children's books, reading aloud and literacy !

1. Books That Build Character:
A Guide to Teaching Your Child Moral Values Through Stories
      by William Kilpatrick, Gregory Wolfe, Suzanne M. Wolfe
We have and love this book.
It contains great children's book tips and is a very interesting read for parents.
In short: another very valuable source of information on the best books to read aloud to your kids!

2. Have You Filled a Bucket Today: 
A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids
by Carol McCloud (Author), David Messing (Illustrator)

This seems to be a fantastic pick! We never read "Have you filled a bucket today?", but we plan to. It is a book teaching children the benefits of kindness through the metaphor of filling other people's buckets of happiness. Let's help our kids to make the world a better place.

3. The Well-Educated Mind: 
A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had

by Susan Wise Bauer (Author)

OK, strictly speaking this is not a children's book. Bauer, who is well known for her homeschool bible The Well-Trained Mind, decided to pen a book for adults seeking to improve their knowledge based on the classical tradition. Keep in mind - if you read more, your kids will read more.

4. Classic Myths to Read Aloud: 
The Great Stories of Greek and Roman Mythology,
Specially Arranged for Children Five and Up by an Educational Expert

by William F. Russell (Author)

The most complete collection of Greek and Roman myths specially arranged to be read aloud to children. Enlighten your kids and yourself by exploring classical European mythology.

5. Katie Meets The Impressionists
by James Mayhew

Maybe I did make a mistake classifying the "Katie Meets .. " books as non-fiction, maybe I didn't. What I certainly wanted to do was to attract your attention to these beautiful editions devoted to famous artists and works of art. Simply beautiful.

6. Katie And The Mona Lisa
by James Mayhew

Maybe I did make a mistake classifying the "Katie Meets .. " books as non-fiction, but maybe I didn't. What I certainly wanted to do was to attract your attention to these beautiful editions devoted to famous artists and works of art. What a natural and breezy way to learn about Impressionism, the Renaissance and Spanish painting. Simply beautiful.

7. Katie and the Spanish Princess
by James Mayhew

Maybe I did make a mistake classifying the "Katie Meets .. " books as non-fiction, maybe I didn't. What I certainly wanted to do was to attract your attention to these beautiful editions devoted to famous artists and works of art. Simply beautiful.

8. Pam Allyn's Best Books for Boys:
How to Engage Boys in Reading
in Ways That Will Change Their Lives        
by Pam Allyn

read Dad's interview with Pam

9. The Read-Aloud Handbook: Sixth Edition
      by Jim Trelease

If you are not sure do you need this book - the so-called Read-Aloud Bible, please check out How Reading Aloud Made Me A Better Father and I hope you will change your mind.

10. van Gogh and the Sunflowers 
(Anholt's Artists Books for Children)
by Laurence Anholt (Author)

Author and illustrator Laurence Anholt recalls memorable moments when the lives of famous artists were influenced by children. The beautiful illustrations appear on every page and include reproductions of famous works.



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